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The dedicated organizational tool that fulfilled most requirements free-of-cost is Doodle.

However: Even Doodle has its drawbacks. The issues are:
1) Doodle insists on getting an email from each participant.
2) Doodle has no mechanism to adjust for timezones.

For Issue 1: There are “single-use” email services such as:

that can be used for this service.

For Issue 2: I think I'll try to create all appointments using SLT time.

2023-12-16: OpenSim
Topic: Talkjaw Script

[13:21] Kaahupahau Sharpfang: is it a script in your jaw?
[13:21] Snoots Dwagon: Yesh is. I can gives you copy.
[13:22] Snoots Dwagon: Jaw is its own piece.
[13:22] Kaahupahau Sharpfang: hugs the small dragon off the floor*
[13:22] Snoots Dwagon: Ypu put a hinge at back of it and add script to hinge. Link hinge last.
[13:22] Snoots Dwagon: Let me find script
[13:24] Grid: Snoots Dwagon has given you this LSL2 script:
-Talkjaw Script
[13:24] Snoots Dwagon: Feel free to use. It's an open-source script. : )
[13:24] Snoots Dwagon: I not writed it
[13:24] Snoots Dwagon: Enjoys!

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