Types of Dollies

This is not an absolute categorization. This list needs to be understood to be different depending upon if your world has magic, nanotech, values life or considers living creatures as utilities and items. Just imagine what would and could be done when humans would be considered and treated like chicken, versus what would be when sharks and canines would be treated as humans with given mental capabilities. Many Shork group employees IDs will have, for example, a 2.1.e ; 2.2.e or 3.1.e on it somewhere.
Want to know what that means?
Read on below to learn.


Mainclasses define the origin of a dolly.

Class 1: Industrially assembled / Electromechanical
Class 2: Naturally grown / Biological
Class 3: Vat grown / Biotechnologically assembled
Class 4: Magically summoned

Class 1 can be ordered from Amazon, Otto, Alibaba, TheShop, Ozon, Rakuten and other online vendors. Thus these are not really of interest for the Shork Cafe or the Shork Group.
Class 4 are likewise of no interest for the Shork Group for lack of sufficient numbers of skilled mages, theomancers, wizards, witches, sorcerers and other such personnel.


Subclasses are describing the primary appearance and / or a specific source for a dolly

x.0: Human
x.1: Sentient Beast / Furry (anthropomorphic / humaniform)
x.2: Feral Beast
x.4: Hybrid ( Including bio-mechanical or genetically engineered off regular living creatures )
x.5: Plant

x.0 is only specified because the main target group for Shork services and products are humans.
x.4 is mostly specified to cover forms that mix different local species, such as 'taur forms for Earth-1218 , Earth H-137 or any other Earth-location with a Hume value above ~80.
x.5 was a late addition and ever since it was added, discussion of adding further subclasses is ongoing.

Types of dollies

a: Barbie - includes inflatable pooltoys and other hollow shell dollies
b: Drone - no own initiative, no talk: Sometimes called “Servitors” or “Zombies”
c: Bimbo - generic fucktoy
d: Breeder - can gestate biologicals (often includes milk-cattle as they can be bred usually)
e: Hunter - controls and maintains breeding populations of biologicals
x: Utility / special functions

There exist additional types between types e and x. However, these are often used to designate a local low-volume custom-made dolly type. When a locally made dolly type becomes popular enough to enter mainstream, it's type ID will be added to the above list. Whilst this might lead to confusion, HQ considers this to really not be much of a problem.

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