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Welcome to the Shork Group

We are the Shork Group, the parent organization of the following nonlegal nonentities:

  • Shork Industries, the commissioning group behind the Shork Industries “Freebie Full Perm Avatars” for OpenSim and Second Life.
  • Shork Cafe, the new Cafe in your town. We offer Shark approved foods and beverages - and our icecream is legendary.
  • Shork Lifestyle Boutique, also known as “Shork Tattoo & Piercing” or “Biodoll Studio”. We offer Tattoos, Piercings, Branding, Scaring, Biting and so much more!

Overall, we're very visitor friendly: Stay a while, stay forever!

Where to find us in-world?
Easy: In-World, open the Map, and paste the following to “search by name”:
Shork Cafe
Then teleport there.
In chat, paste the following link, press enter, and then click it: hop://login.osgrid.org/Shork%20Cafe/148/153/23

You still wonder in which way we are different? What services we offer?

  • Friendly staff of predatory species - for the extra bit of adventure!
  • Own production & local sourcing for most of our products.
  • Pet-Friendly both as employers as well as in all our localities - after all, some might be our relatives!
  • Professional Tattoo, Piercing, Rubberization, Branding and Biting services in our Beauty Studios
  • Multifunction spaces, which can be rented for events & parties.
  • We offer, occasionally or upon request:
    • marriage- and family-counselling sessions,
    • Yoga classes,
    • “Run for your Life” fitness program,
    • game-evenings with prizes ( like being permitted to go home )
  • Transparent production and operation - after signing our worry-free NDA

Always remember:
Where sharks do feed, you, too, can eat!
Just look for this logo:

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