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Welcome to Shork - The beastly good Cafe

Shork is the new cafe in your town.
We want you to relax, enjoy your visit and generally, we want to make your life better. We offer coffee, tea, cocoa, milkshakes and icecream, but we also offer hot meals. You could call us an icecream-cafe, given our main focus.
But we could become your favourite restaurant, too.

Where to find us? Easy: Use the OpenSim/HyperGrid link:
In Map, paste this to “search by name”: “Shork Cafe” ; then click to teleport.
In chat, paste the following link, press enter, and then click it: hop://

You still wonder in which way we are different?

  • Friendly staff of predatory species - for the extra bit of adventure!
  • Own production & local sourcing for most of our products.
  • Pet-Friendly - actually, some might be our relatives!
  • Tattoo- & Piercing, as well as seating for groups.
  • Multifunction space, which can be used for events & parties.
  • We offer, occasionally or upon request:
    • marriage- and family-counselling sessions,
    • Yoga classes,
    • “Run for your Life” fitness program,
    • game-evenings with prizes.
    • Body-Jewellry & Scaring counselling by all of our employees and
    • Branding counselling by our residential dragoness.
  • Transparent production and operation: We welcome interns and occasionally offer tours for those interested to work in our production facilities.

Always remember:
Where sharks do feed, you, too, can eat!
Just look for this logo: