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The Shork Group Hymn

First, let's all sing the Shork Groups Hymn:
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(Verse 1)
In depths untold where treasures gleam,
A group emerged with a noble dream.
Sharkesses strong, both wise and kind,
Guiding humanity with hearts entwined.

Shork Group, a force beneath the waves,
Masters of oceans, protectors, and braves.
From sunken treasures, deep pockets grow,
Influence wielded with a benevolent flow.

(Verse 2)
Anthropomorphic, from fins to form,
In the aftermath, a unique norm.
Cafes abound with gentle smiles,
Sharkesses guide through subtle wiles.

Shork Group, weaving threads of change,
In waters deep, their strategies arrange.
Milk and ink, in cities thrive,
A sustainable future they strive to derive.

Tattoos and piercings, lasting trends,
Against throwaway, their influence sends.
Nurseries, schools, foundations strong,
Sharkesses shaping what's right and wrong.

(Verse 3)
In the youngest hearts, trust they sow,
Healthy food in schools to grow.
Teachers, wise, with sharkesses wed,
Education flourishes, fears are shed.

Shork Group, in every line they tread,
Changing the world with a quiet thread.
Societal elements, they gently sway,
With wisdom, love, and strength, they say.

For Shork Group, a hymn we sing,
In oceans deep, their praises ring.
A future guided with purpose and might,
Sharkesses leading toward the light.

Now, on to our plans of total human domination…


Archive section

Note from Legal: The following is an example why we put emphasis on our employees having to primarily really LOVE humans and be above the casual feeding frenzy. Cleaned up by RiffRaff @ FA into readable form, commented on by Shork Legal Team:
Feeding Frenzy at Shork Cafe LA

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