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Comments & Reviews by Lucy Lotus

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20220510-13:18 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
I came here to get some delicious ice cream, but when they offered the special I couldn't resist - just so happens I got more the I bargained for - ice cream lots and lots, but even more supplements to make my breasts produce the milk for it

20220515-0:25 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
What a nice day off the milker, I enjoyed a nice walk outside, the supplements day after day did quite a job. during my hike I didn't need to bring any water, my boobs kept leaking so bad, I filled my container three times - free milkshakes are great :)

20220530-17:30 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
A few weeks of delicious ice cream and milk shakes at the special price have quite the trade off - I gained some weight but I can't stop getting my treats everyday, my nips are swollen from milking, I bought some special tapes to tape them 'close' otherwise they dribble all over the floor in my free time.

20220604-06:15 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
This constant leaking - I think my breasts got even bigger, they are so tingly… the tape won't hold no more, my nipples are huge and clearly have a canal where the milk runs out. I think I need to ask the manager for plugs

20220604-19:45 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
Gotta be careful what I ask for… good news first - the manager got me some plugs to stop the leaking… not so good news - she insisted to test the fit and literally fucked my nipples with them for the last hour, I came twice, my nips are bright red swollen and the milk is squirting out now.

20220608-18:10 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
Twice a day the manager comes around to “take care” of my nipples… which results in me begging her to stop fucking them with the plugs until they get all swollen. enduring the pain I can pacify myself with some fresh, delicious ice cream.

20220611-20:05 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
Life hack: After the last “treatment to ensure proper conditioning of the nipples” which is ridiculous since they start to look like little hoses, I cooled them off with my ice cream. first it's great since the cold helps against the swelling and second, the still oozing fresh warm milk, melts the ice a little and makes it really creamy and smooth.

20220614-08:45 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
Stupid, stupid me… the manager caught me with my nips in the ice cream, she let me know since I seem to enjoy the cold, she will place my boobs in freezers to pump it prechilled - “it will greatly reduce the post processing to offer our customers best quality for a lower price”.

20220620-17:45 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
While soothing my nips in the back with some ice cream I heard the manager something about changes being made. I think she's moving, I hope she forgot about the chillers, I don't want frozen boobs :x

20220627-17:45 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
Yep we're moving, finally some days off. maybe I can get rid of the swelling… ugh and that constant leaking is driving me crazy.

20220701-21:20 - Lucy Lotus wrote:
The cafe moved, my nips don't hurt anymore and they even closed up a little. Going a few days without milkshakes even helped slim down a little… but they are so delicious… I can't wait for the cafe to reopen!

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