Just Some Guy

I had finished school a month before and had been searching for a job since already a year before. Not having had much success, I had taken up accepting the counseling options for job searchers since several months. They were costly, people told me to try what I was already doing, or applying at companies I already had applied with letters that they admitted very pretty much what they would have suggested to me.

So, lots of money paid for no service rendered. When I was in the local Cafe near the “bad” part of town, I read a sign that the Cafe's staff also offered counseling sessions. Amongst a lot of other things, also for job searchers. And even better, they had a “first three sessions free” program, and there was no contract you signed. You just appeared, and they wrote down your name so you did only get those three sessions for free. Well, whilst it is somewhat creepy that all of them dress like some more or less mythical monsters, they're the most kind people I met in town so far. So I took the offer.

The first day, I arrived, got a free icecream and coffee, and spoke about my skills, preferences and prior experiences, meager as they were. They were happy to hear that I am very sportive and eat healthy.
The black dragoness interviewing me gazed at me all the time.
I guess that is easy wearing whatever kinda costume that is she's wearing. She showed me the compiled notes she had taken during the hour-long session and asked me to check them if I agreed. And, yes, what she had written down was a condensed version of what I had told her.
Accordingly I signed my all clear that she could use that data to help me find a job.

A week later, I had the next consulting session.

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