Video Recommendations

Note from Mrs. White:
“As can be seen in these Videos, the early documented friendly interactions between sharks and humans had the humans wear chainmail, to give them a feel familiar to the sharks. Accordingly it is natural for us shorks at Shork Group, who we now enter the human domain, to apply latexmilk and wear rubber to give our skin a touch that is familiar to humans.”

Disclaimer: Admiring Sharks Alert

Using Shork products and services may lead to an uncontrollable appreciation for sharks. Side effects may include a heightened sense of admiration for their sleek and powerful design, an increased interest in marine life, and an overwhelming desire to protect ocean ecosystems. You might find yourself daydreaming about the graceful movements of these magnificent creatures and developing a strong affinity for shark-related puns. Embrace the Shork Lifestyle responsibly, as we cannot be held responsible for an unexpected surge in shark appreciation. 🦈✨

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