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Today Special

At times, we have special offers. Examples are the especially creamy milkshakes that we offer usually nine months after our whipped and paddled cream offers. Also remember that you can bring your pet or toy along. We have the facilities in place to make some of our famous delicacies from material you bring along.

So, the best way to know what todays special will be to come along. And maybe when you want to surprise a beloved one, perhaps we can help you be their 'Today Special'?

Shork News

  • May 2023: Shork Group rents their own sim in OpenSim.
  • January 2023:
    • The Shork Cafe was gifted a shop space on OSGrid in Sabi Breen's “Shopaholic” region:
    • Kit (pixxieboy Resident), creator of the Biodoll Avatars in SL, released his older V1 Biodoll avatars to OSGrid! Download the package here.
  • December 2022: Shork Cafe closes in Second Life due to age-based social griefing.
  • May 2022: Biodoll Facility Expansion for the Shork Cafe is open.
  • December 2021: Shork Cafe closes in Helvellyn and relocated to Second Life region Kink City.
  • August 2019: Shork Cafe opens in Second Life region Helvellyn.