Vixy Sharpfang

Vixy Sharpfang started her life as a human born to a biodoll in the Shork Industries “Happy Milk” facility in Kingston, Jamaica.

As the presence of a Shork Industries business results in a near instant drop of the crime rate in the vicinity to near zero - after a short phase of lots of criminals falling victim to “wild animals” or being offered well paid jobs in return for strictly controlled vows of loyalty to Shork Industries - the local community did worry little about the various oddities of the milk production facility. The additional bonuses such as social and healthcare institutions popping up around the companies locations are well known and cherished by the populace.

Vixy's white hair and fair skin made her well known in school, where children from the facility soon made up a noticeable percentage. She was an avid learner and, like all the “company kids” learned additional hours in the facilities own educational center. When she became old enough to help in the facility, she did so, too, making her even more popular with her class for regularly bringing icecream or other sweets to school.

She was very focused on learning, sports and the duties she took up in the facility, so she seldomly went to parties, birthdays and such. Except those times she brought icecream to a party, or gifted cards for free piercings in the company affiliated tattoo & piercing shop.

The schools teachers complained occasionally that they only ever met her father, who resembled her not at all and was a former petty criminal who now worked in the power plant of the facility. And acted the role as father for several more children from the facility.

When it was time to visit a higher school, Vixy went into the company internal program and left the country, being sent to a facility overseas in the western Tian Shan mountains.
There she joined a snow leopard enclave that was on excellent terms with Shork Industries, and worked the next ten years in a role befitting her status. She helped increase the snow leopards population with great effect, returning to Shork Industries roster when the snow leopards considered her time well spent.

To address the wear and tear the climate and rough nature of the snow leopards had caused, Vixy happily underwent the same milk utility dollification procedure as her mother had undergone.
After initial testing and further training she worked for three years in a newly founded Cafe, providing milk products and enhancing the milk-based coffee's on sale with her labor.

In her off-times she impressed the cafes manager with her work ethic and enthusiasm, resulting in her being given a suit and prosthetics to appear as a snowleopardess, as it was assumed her ten years in the enclave had given her a good understanding of their culture.
This worked out amiably, and the other employees at the cafe enjoyed her enthusiasm for work as well as her love to detail.
Her handmade milkshakes were an attraction especially for human male customers. And her poise, witty banter and natural elegance made her a favorite of the female human customers, too.

After two years working as a feline waitress and barista in the cafe, the manager adopted her as a sister and with her support, it wasn't too long until Vixy went for half a year to a medical facility of the company in Australia, returning as Vixy Sharpfang the dusky sharkess ( Homo Carcharhinus Obscurus; not Carcharhinus Obscurus Sapiens).

Her legs and arms are prosthetics, connecting to the sockets she received after she returned from the snow leopards as part of her dollification. They are coated by synthetic shark skin. Her tail was made from cell cultures of her own body, mostly from the frozen material of the superfluous parts that were removed during her dollification and optimization, and then the mass removed when she was turned from milk utility to the snow leopard waitress.

That is also why she retained the “homo” species classification, as she basically still is a human, genetically speaking.