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This is the Ressources page. Here you'll find images of the various characters, of the Equipment and of places. For the future more will be added as additional ressources get requested and suggested.

Avatars & Components

From pixxieboy Resident (kit) of Second Life: Biodoll V1 Avatar

From Yenye Neema of Second Life: Rubberization Machine - Unscripted


The primary source for character images - to hang on your wall or to use as reference for art or to use as inspiration for stories, comments, or for designing your own local version of a Shork Cafe - you find here:
Shork Icecream Cafe - Art References

A not-yet-fully-integrated set of images is here:
The Team

Long term it'll be integrated into the Art References page.

Text based informations


When something might be colliding with the SL TOS, either do not do it or do it outside of Second Life. As we found that many people are not even aware there is a TOS…:
Linden Lab Official:Policies
Accordingly, SL-Suitable topics can be handled inside SL, other stuff has to go through other media. We are still doing research in regards to which medium is most suitable.

As of December 2022 the Cafe's presence was dissolved in Second Life due to a griefing attack that resulted in several of the crew getting perma-banned for the actions of the griefers. Since February 2023 the Cafe is now located in OpenSim, where common decency and sanity are considered the guidelines.

External References

In the following list you'll find links to websites, images and stories that are not related to the Shork Cafe or any other affiliated or related industry. Yet they are recommended to be watched as they give a good example of the spirit, aesthetics, morality - or the lack thereof - of the Shork Cafe and corporate family it is part of.



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