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Our Team

We all know the stories: Dragons have hoards of gold, all sharks eat humans, and, and, and…

Whilst this all true, we also know that humans are really sloppy with their language - Hung like a horse, being a smart cookie, … Would YOU let a cookie do your tax?

Accordingly, to reduce unreasonable fear and to facilitate amiable relationships between us as the new cafes staff and you as the cafes valued customer and potential future ressource, let us introduce the staff at Shork to you and allow you to find out for yourself.


Details Kaahupahau
Species: Fukushima Shark / Land-Tigershark (Galeocerdo cuvier fukushima / Galeocerdo cuvier sapiens)
ID: kaahupahau Resident

Waitress and Branch Office Manager:
“I love humans! Ideally with BBQ sauce.”


Details Vixen
Species: Snow Leopard (Panthera uncia sapiens)
ID: Vixen009 Resident

Waitress, Doll- and Breeding advisor, tattoo and scaring specialist:
“Humans are a valuable resource for all endangered species. I enjoy helping them accept that.”


Details Nichelle
Species: Night dragon hybrid (Draco noctis erectus / Draco noctis sapiens*)

Waitress, Yoga and Dating advisor and branding specialist:
“Dragons since long were known to have the most beautiful human princesses over for dinner. But the many stories dragonesses had with human knights are barely ever told. I hope to correct that trend with my work here at Shork.”

* = Nichelles family will point out that even their non-tool-using ancestors had a culture of storytelling, barter, trade, gossip and trading cooking receipes. Accordingly, the human emphasis on “sapiens” seems ridiculous for them, but most don't care about such details and let humans be humans.


Details Yavannah
Species: Anthropomorphic Lion (Panthera leo sapiens)

Waitress, Marriage counsellor, piercing and scaring specialist:
“Lions live in extended family groups since the dawn of time. Humans lived like that for most of their history, too. Here at Shork I see my chance to fix the human condition of widespread dissatisfaction and unhappiness by guiding humans back to those social norms that ensure mental health and happiness. ”
Yavannah is also one of those persons you can contact on F-List when you need to get in touch with the team. However, do not expect speedy reactions!