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Note: NSFW/Adult Content ahead!

Our Equipment

Shork offers high quality products made with high quality ingredients. And, obviously, we use only high quality equipment. It is either self made or locally sourced and we are happy to present it to our customers. Seeing a well made machine do its work is like watching a ballet - or a school of fish or a flock of birds.

So, take a look at our equipment as to feel reassured that our services and products will meet your highest standards!

Xu Tarantal

Hand-Desinfection utility and milk source:
“Being helpful is good! Being happy is good! By being helpful I am happy, and I make others happy by making sure they can have their icecream and milkshake!”

Seerena Tunwarm

Softice processor, Coffee-flavouring filter and resident family pet:

Lara Jang

Coffee & Cocoa processor and sperm bank with interest option:
*squealing noises whilst the hot cocoa gets enriched with fresh milk*

Princess Nai

Softice processor, training equipment and sperm bank with interest option:
“Shork is really good cafe that takes great care of its equipment and honors its guests with its compassion. These? These are tears of utter joy to be permitted to serve you!”

Yaskarion Sharpfang

Main cream provider, Waiter:
“I'm working on it! Ouch! I'm working on it!”