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In this section all the .. Unsorted stuff ends up for the time being.

Contact Us!

Inside Second Life, send a notecard or IM - or both - to Kaahupahau (Resident). Inside OpenSim send a IM and / or notecard to Nichelle Valois ( @osgrid ) or Kahahupahau Sharpfang ( @osgrid ).

Write a review, a report, or a corporate memo!

Again, contact Kaahupahau Resident in-world.

Guidelines for the shared/open universe of the Shork Group ( Shark Unlimited. , Shork LLC, Hai GmbH, Grupo Charcarodon, …) will be provided.

We are working on alternative contacts. Basically you can try contacting our employees or equipment.

Given examples of your writing style for evaluation, paid commissions are an option.


The Ressources section is a reservoir containing art, charsheets and other stuff to help with writing material for us.


Consumer Reviews are obviously written by totally trustworthy customers and present their valued opinions about the cafe, the staff and our offerings. Most recent ones are always on top. Read them and decide if you want to come here, too to also have a reason to write a review!

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication is mostly about our corporate guidelines. However, letters to HQ can also be reached from here on. Open Commissions are listed here, too.


Shortstories are, well, Customer Outreach has creative staff and collects more elaborate material from our happy customers. They are sorted by author and, maybe, most recent.