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Shork Avatars

Shork avatars are intended for both normal use as well as learning, how avatars are made and function. As we have no rigger (Feb. 2024) so far, we can't offer an avatar that's mesh, rigged and using the Bento skeleton.

Instead something useful for when you work with the Shork avatars or one day your own components:
To import the meshes correctly into OpenSim / Second Life, you sometimes might have change the import settings. An example can be seen below:
 Mesh component import settings for OpenSim

Our first models was made in the size of 28 mm scale (tabletop figurines). On average, we found that the “Scaling Factor” of 10 during import gave perfectly sized components for OpenSim / Second Life.
By now, we try to prepare the packages more thoroughly. As a result, you should always check an avatars pages instructions. In case you're unsure, try importing the mesh parts in OpenSim, find out the perfect settings for your needs, and only then upload them in Second Life.

Other steps typically include:

  • Model Name: Give each component a meaningful name. Their internal names just aren't meaningful. When it is a complete avatar pack, i.e. several components in one package, you have to rename the parts when you “Edit” ⇒ “Unlink” the parts.
  • Tab “Upload Options”: Scale: Default Scaling factor is either given on the avatars page, or you can find out your optimum setting by trial-and-error in OpenSim.
  • Tab “Upload Options”: Checkbox “Include textures”: Per default, we marked the tickbox. Seriously, none of us knows what actually happens when we do not select it other than that we get white instead of black default meshes in the end. We got that one from a Youtube Video on how to import mesh into Second Life. Some Avatar packs might try to include the textures, but we haven't found out yet how to make that automatic ourselves, so best to assume you'll have to upload the textures later on yourself and apply them.

The UV Maps we provide can be used as a transparent overlay to create your own individualized Skins. Again, for a beginner we recommend to use one of our provided skins and edit it before creating a new one from the ground up..

As a note on the eye textures:
After uploading an eye texture, applying it to an eye of a Shork avatar needs one adjustment:

In the Texture tab of the Edit window, “Horizontal Scale” should be equal 1 and “Vertical Scale” should be equal 2. Again, it just works best this way. When you want a different effect or create your own eye textures, play with these values to find your desired effect.
And yes, it is like this because we somehow made an error and gave up trying to fix it in March 2024. Rotating the image is easy enough and just works.

Facial Expressions System

Facial expressions are provided by a scripted component, named “Eyecontroll (linkset)”, we got from one of our supporters in OpenSim:
Xentor Antarix.
To access its menu, click your Shork avatars nosetip and you'll be prompted by a blue popup requestor window. Not all expressions work equally well with all avatars due to the different facial geometries.

Instead of writing more, have a short video, recorded by Kute Toodles in OpenSim:

Thanks go to:

  • Xentor Antarix @ OpenSim for the Eye Expressions Module
  • Kute Doodles @ OpenSim for recording the Video
  • Daddy's Music for the royalty free background music and
  • Pixabay for the wonderful royalty free content library.

Note: The Expression system is currently only available in OpenSim.

Here is the list of the available and planned avatars from Shork Industries for OpenSim. Some may be available in Second Life, too.

Shark Avatar

Detail page Shark avatars
Also called “Shork Shark” or various other names, various species.
Status: 100% (deployed to Wright Plaza on 2023-10 and on Shork Island). Also deployed to Second Life at Region Davros in “Japan Hiroba” and “Tabidachi Mall”; NCI Kuula in Kuula and at the Freebie Mall at the GNC Strandclub in “New Berlin GNC”.
Version 2.0 was deployed on 2024-01-28 and is considered feature complete. Additional / updated textures will be rolled out here or as separate update packages inside OpenSim.
Primary Creator(s): Ironwood115 @ Discord / X-formerly-known-as-Twitter
Commissioning party: aries_quitex @ Discord
Features: Full Perm, UV Maps, easy to mod; moving eyes, blinking eyes (OpenSim Only!), different sets of fins and tail
Desired, but missing features: Tail animation, ear animation

Enhanced Shark Avatar

Status: Unknown / Cancelled until further note
Creator(s): Juancho Renfold (SL)
Commissioning party: kaahupahau Resident @ SL / Kaahupahau Sharpfang @ OS
Features: Blinking eyes, swishing tail, talking jaw

Big Cat Avatars

Detail page Big Cat avatars
Status: 100% complete and deploying
Primary Creator(s): Ironwood115 @ Discord / X-formerly-known-as-Twitter

 Lion Avatar

Secondary Creator(s):
Commissioning party: aries_quitex @ Discord, Yavannah Halostar @ OpenSim, Kaahupahau Sharpfang @ OpenSim
Features: Full Perm, UV Maps, easy to mod; moving eyes, different sets of tails for different poses. TalkJaw script, Blinking eyes
Desired, but missing features: tail animation, ear animation

Dragon Avatar

Detail page Dragon avatars
Status: Deployed to Kitely Starter Avatar World, OSGrid Changeroom, and Shork Cafe
Primary Creator(s): Silverim @ FA
Commissioning party: Aries @ FA ; Nichelle Valois @ OSGrid ; Ralgar Snowflake @ Kik
Features: Full Perm, UV Maps, easy to mod; moving eyes, different sets of tails for different poses. TalkJaw script, Blinking eyes, white & black skin sets

Crocodile Avatar

Detail page Crocodile avatars
Primary Creator(s):
Commissioning party:

Canine Avatar

Detail page Canine avatars
Primary Creator(s):
Commissioning party:
Features: Husky / Malamute, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Dalmatian, Border Collie, Wolves (Timberwolf, …)

Fox Avatar

Detail page Fox avatars
Primary Creator(s):
Commissioning party:
Features: Arctic Fox, Fennec Fox, Red Fox, Black Fox

Bunny Avatar

Detail page Bunny avatars
Primary Creator(s):
Commissioning party:

Equine Avatar

Detail page Equine avatars
Primary Creator(s):
Commissioning party:

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